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Architectural Vision

A renewed fundraising effort is now being undertaken for the completion of the interior of the Shrine. The following is a description of the inspiring architectural vision for the interior


Architectural Vision

The Portico

The Church in its present form is a noble blank canvas. Inspirational beauty is already evident in the lined and soaring proportions of the noble space. The entrance to the church is via a portal.

The proposed mosaic above the portal is based on Psalm 42-1 – “Like a deer that yearns for running streams, so my heart is yearning for You my God”. This portico is a call to those who are weary, to come and receive His abundant mercy.

The portico shall be flanked by mosaic niches representing the Visitation as per the parish dedication and on the right an image of St Faustina and the image of the Divine Mercy.

The Narthex

The narthex is a space of transition from the mundane to the sacred realm. It is proposed that the Narthex be lined with timber panelling and classical pilaster of the ionic order. The ionic order is symbolic of the matronly nature of our Mother Church nourishing catechumens.

The Baptistry

The Baptistry, located on the North side of the narthex symbolically and practically punctuates the entrance of the church. Large ornamental wrought iron gates opening from the Baptistry signify the entry of the new members into the Church and the opening of the gates of heaven to the life of grace in the sacraments. The wrought iron gates are to be developed with a pattern of a burgeoning vine, symbolising the new life in grace initiated by baptism.

The Confessionals

Passing from the Narthex into the nave, one passes beneath the generous choir loft. The lower area here is bounded on either side by the confessionals. At the entrance of the church, they encourage the faithful to engage in this sacrament of mercy as a second Baptism, before approaching the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. The confessionals are to be clad in timber panelling incorporating images of the prodigal son and the repentant St Peter with the crowing rooster – encouraging us by their example of trust in the mercy and loving forgiveness offered to the repentant.

Architectural Vision

The Sanctuary

Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My mercy; let them profit from the Blood and Water which gushed forth for them.


Entering into the main body of the church one will be drawn by the mosaic of the Divine Mercy image set into the marble Reredos housed on the apse.

The sanctuary is flanked by the two side chapels devoted to our Immaculate Mother and St Joseph forming a tripartite dedication of the altars to these members of the Holy family. Stations of the cross adorning the walls of the nave are to be glicee prints of the renowned contemporary classicist

painter Leonard Porter. These depictions of the passion of Christ are beautiful, vibrant, meditative and profoundly rich in symbolism. In this way they show that we too can find meaning and beauty in our own crosses when united to Christ.

The ceiling of the church is to be painted in a blue, symbolic of the heavens, with red mouldings symbolic of God’s presence and the descent of the Holy spirit from the heavens to fill our hearts that we may renew the face of the earth.

Architectural Vision

The Dome

In the visions of St Faustina, Christ reminds us that this is the time of recourse to His fount of mercy before the day of justice.

This particular fresco program displaying the prophetic visions of St John on the latter days is an appropriate reflection on the need to have recourse to the fount of God’s mercy. The eastern panel above the apse depicts God and his angels enshrined in Glory and the second coming of Christ. To the north east we see the heavenly Jerusalem descending from the heavens onto a renewed earth. On the Northern panel we see Our Lady clothed in the sun standing atop the crescent moon, her mantle providing protection to her children.

These Glorious images of the promised triumph and glory will be a great cause of hope and consolation during times of persecution, purification and chastisement that we are reminded will come before the final stages of this world.

On the south and west panels of the dome, we see in the contra-posto, symbolic representations of the trials that we are told will pass before this final triumph. The four horsemen of the apocalypse, the whore of babylon persecuting the faithful and holy martyrdom are also prophetic stories that are revealed to us to help us to prepare spiritually and never lose hope in our increasingly chaotic world.

An authentic meditation on these public revelations teach us that no catastrophe we might face is beyond the redemptive power of His mercy and the intercession of His Immaculate Mother. The revelation delivered to St John is ultimately a story of hope and consolation and an important reflection in our uncertain times.


1. Christ in Glory
2. Lamb Slain on Alter Mass
3. Conquest and War
4. Blood and Violence

5. The Martyrs
6. The Kings of the world
cavorting with her and drunk
on the wine of her fornication
7. Economic collapse
8. Pestilence and Death

9. Lucifer fallen
10. Sin and Hell
11. The Red Moon and the Days of darkness
12. Days of Darkness

13. The faithful crying out Earthquakes and great waves
14. The woman of the apocalypse
15. Children of Mary praying the rosary and finding sanctuary
16. Heavenly Jerusalem descending The Spring and the renewed earth

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