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Devote a Star

Join us in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our vision is to see the ceiling of the Sanctuary, Apse and Chapels come to life with heavenly beauty. We invite you to become an intrinsic part of our Church by dedicating your own star to the ceiling of the Divine Mercy Church.

The 24 karat gold gilded Stars will adorn the ceiling of the Sanctuary, Apse and Side Chapels under a canopy of Regal Blue. The individually handcrafted stars will be inscribed on the reverse with the name to whom the star is devoted.

Each star may be devoted to an individual, a family, or an association. The stars can be gifted, or can be dedicated in honor of a sacred moment such as a wedding, birth, Holy communion, christening, or a memorial.

There are only a very limited number of stars available. The initial release will be afixed within the Apse and Sanctuary.

We request a kind donation of $1,000 per star.

To secure your own personalised star please fill out the online form below, including in it the dedication you wish to be inscribed on the star. Donations can be made via direct deposit, by cheque or by credit card via the website/PayPal.

Should you prefer a printable application form, please click here to download, or email

Include a Star from the Divine Mercy Church in your own home.

To further support this good work, we are offering a limited number of custom framed, consecrated Sister Stars.

Your precious star will be encased in a bespoke, hand made frame, lined with blue velvet.*

Each of the stars will be an exact replica of those afixed to the ceiling of the Divine Mercy Church.

This precious family heirloom will be presented to you, with much gratitude, for an additional donation of $2,750.

*Due to the hand made nature of the frames, there may be slight colour variations from the example pictured.

Have your name inscribed into the history of this beautiful Church.

The Divine Mercy Church project is a labour of love and faith, brought to this point by a small community of faithful led by the Parish Priest Fr Paul Fox.

This Church can only be built through the generosity of many people. We humbly ask for your help in raising funds so we can bring this good work to fruition.

The Divine Mercy Church project aims to employ local and international artisans to build a traditionally beautiful church, for the enrichment of the whole community and to support craftsmanship in its many forms.

We hope you will join us.

He determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.
(Psalm 147:4)

I wish to devote a star to the Divine Mercy Church

Include a star from the Divine Mercy Church in your own home. We request a kind donation of $2,750 per Framed Sister Star.

Please send your kind donation via Direct Deposit, by cheque or by Credit Card through PayPal on this website.

Upon receipt of the donation, your star will be inscribed and your certificate mailed.

BSB: 633 000
ACCOUNT: 158 396 895
Please reference your full name.

Divine Mercy Church Building Fund
PO Box 8, Bullsbrook, WA, 6084

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