Mission & Goals

Restoration and Installation of an Historic Pipe Organ

Parts of the organ will be transported to the builder’s Brisbane workshop where they will be fully refurbished. The work will include:

  • Careful restoration of the original pipework to preserve its original tonal qualities.
  • Judicious additions to the original specification in keeping with the other work of the Roberts firm.
  • Restoration of the two slider windchests
  • Overhaul of the 1986 Larner console
  • Adaptation of the internal framing and casework
  • Installation of a new electric swell engine
  • Installation of new electric stop actions
  • Installation of a new solid-state control system
  • Installation of a humidifier

The organ will then be returned to Lower Chittering and reassembled in the rear gallery. The action and pipework will be regulated and fine-tuned to achieve optimum results.

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BSB: 633 000
ACCOUNT: 158 396 895
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Divine Mercy Church Building Fund
PO Box 8, Bullsbrook, WA, 6084

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