Bulletin 14/11/2023

Bulletin 14/11/2023

In today’s parable the bridegroom arrives unexpectedly in the middle of the night. The question is whether the escorting bridal party is ready to receive him.

Jesus is the Bridegroom and He will come again at some future time. The virgins or bridesmaids represent mankind. Some are vigilant, but others are careless. The time of waiting is a symbol of our life on earth. The arrival of the Bridegroom and the wedding celebration signify the inauguration of the state of eternal beatitude in the company of Christ.

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Interview with Fr Paul Fox on Vocation by Shalom TV

Interview with Fr Paul Fox on Vocation by Shalom TV

How a Bible in a Hotel Changed His Destiny Fr. Paul Fox was born into a devout Catholic farming family. He pursued a career in a clerical job and worked as a clerk at an international hotel. A turning point in his life was when he was 25. During the break time at...

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